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Georges Cziffra

b. 11/05/1921, Budapest, d. 01/15/1994 in Morsang-sur-Orge, France Pianist

Born Cziffra György, he became one of the most celebrated and individual piano virtuosos in the post-War decades in Europe, especially noted for his powers of improvisation and as a Liszt pianist. He grew up in a musician gypsy family, and by the age of five he was appearing in a circus, improvising variations on request of the audience. At ten, even he was sent to the Conservatory in Budapest. In 1956 he and his family was forced to flee. After his success in Vienna debuts elsewhere in Europe followed. After one recital in London, the Daily Telegraph said the audience “witnessed feats of piano playing probably never to be equaled, certainly never surpassed in their lifetime.”

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