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Edward (Ede) Teller

(b. Jan 15, 1908, Budapest, d. Sept 9. 2003, Stanford, California)

After having finished his primary and secondary education, in 1926, Teller left Budapest to study chemical engineering in Karlsruhe, Germany. Later he got intrigued by the new theory of quantum mechanics. To study with Werner Heisenberg, who was in the forefront of the new physics he transferred to the University of Leipzig, where in 1930 he received his doctorate in physics. His first published paper: “Hydrogen Molecular Ion,” was one of the earliest statements of what is still the most widely held view of the molecule. In 1941 Teller joined America’s best physicists in the top secret Manhattan Project. Their mission: to develop the atom bomb before the Germans did. Teller’s calculations reassured the team that the nuclear explosion, while enormously powerful, would only destroy a limited area.

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