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Ferenc Molnár

(1878 – 1952) Playwright He was one of the many talented immigrants that were part of the “Hungarian Invasion” of New York Theatre. His play Liliom provided the plot for Rodgers’ and Hammerstein’s famed musical Carousel. Some of his plays were adapted for the Big Screen, including The Swan, starring Grace Kelly, Charles Vidor, Alec Guiness, […]

Béla Lugosi

(Dezso Blasko, 1882 – 1956) Actor – The Original Dracula! His first American film was 1923’s The Silent Command, a suspenseful spy movie in which Bela played the bad guy. He officially became a US citizen on June 26, 1931. He took on the role of Count Dracula in Horace Liveright’s play in place of actor […]

Andrew Vajna

(1944 – 2019) Producer, Hollywood Legend Fled Soviet troops and left Hungary in 1956. During a career that spanned the globe, he has been one of the most important producers in Hollywood for the past 20 years.Vajna is the president of Cinergi Productions, co-Founder of Carolco Pictures (Rambo, Total Recall, Terminator, Color of the Night, Judge […]

André Kertész

(1894 – 1985) Acclaimed photographer One of the pioneers of “street photography.” With a small camera he captured the poetic and absurdity of ordinary life. A major force, he made his mark on different kinds of photography, making documentary an art form. Kertesz began taking pictures when he was sixteen. He was called to arms in […]

Adolph Zukor

(1873 – 1976) “Mr. Motion Pictures” and Oscar Winner Producer and Founder of the Paramount Pictures Empire and Loew’s Theatres. Produced the first full-length motion picture, The Prisoner of Zenda. Received a special Academy Award in 1948 for his “contribution to the industry.” In 1903 teamed with Marcus Loew to open the first of a […]

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