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Marton Csokas

(1966 – ) Actor Marton became an actor in 1989 after graduating from the New Zealand Drama School. His first movie role was in the 1994 movie Jack Brown Genius. Other film credits include XXX, The Monkey’s Mask, Broken English, Down and Under, Rain, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (Poggle),  Lord of the […]

Michael Curtiz

(Manó Kertész Kaminer, 1898 – 1962) Oscar Winning Director of “Casablanca” He began acting in and then directing films in his native Hungary in 1912. Moving to the US in 1926, he started making films in Hollywood for Warner Bros. His films Casablanca (1942) and Mildred Pierce (1945) are considered to be film classics. Other credits […]

Miklós Rózsa

(1907 – 1995) Triple Oscar Winning Film Composer A born musician, Rózsa began studying the violin at age five and became steeped in the folk music of his native land, an influence that could be detected in much of his later work. He began scoring films for fellow Hungarian Alexander Korda in England in the 1930s […]

Joseph Pulitzer

(1847-1911) Publisher He was a veteran of the Civil War and a member of the 1st New York Cavalry Regiment which he joined almost immediately upon his arrival in the US. Then he went west and became a reporter. Pulitzer was the first to call for the training of journalists at the university level in a […]

Joe Eszterhás

(Jozsef E., 1944 – ) Screenwriter He is best known for his vicious, sexy, highly literate crime and mystery scripts: The Jagged Edge, Betrayed and the Sharon Stone starmaker Basic Instinct. Other credits include: Burn Hollywood Burn: An Alan Smithee Film, Telling Lies in America, Jade, Showgirls, Sliver, Checking Out, Music Box,  Big Shots, Hearts of […]

István Szabó

(1938 – ) Director, Writer, Producer Istvan Szabo has emerged as one of the most important Hungarian filmmakers of the 20th Century. The Central European experience, from the Austro-Hungarian Empire to the Warsaw Pact, is the key to the content of his films as well as their symbolic structure. He was catapulted to international success and […]

Harry Houdini

(Erik Weisz,1874 – 1926) Magician, Actor, Pioneer Pilot Houdini fascinated audiences with his great escapes and illusions for decades. He won awards in track and swimming and later used these talents as an escape artist. He was honored as first to fly a plane in Australia and also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of […]

George Pál

(1908 – 1980) Cartoonist – Winner of SIX Oscars As an animator, Pal was a pioneer of stop-action animation. George Pal’s Puppetoons earned him an Academy Award (Oscar) – the first of six in his career. He later brought to the screen such classics as H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds (Oscar), The Time Machine […]

George Cukor

(1899 -1983) Double Oscar Winning Director Best known in his earlier days as the man who brought many classic novels to the screen, George Cukor’s 50-plus year directing career later expanded to include thrillers, screwball romantic comedies, and even musicals. He received five Best Director nominations over the course of his career and Oscars for “Wizard […]

Ferenc Rofusz

Ferenc Rofusz Animator He received an Oscar in 1981 for his animated film The Fly (the first Hungarian Oscar for a cartoon).The film is a simple story about a day in the life of a housefly. The fact that the film is totally from the point of view of the fly, along with the building tension […]

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