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Andy Grove

Andy Grove (Gróf András) was born on 9/2/1936 in Budapest. The Jewish Grof family escaped the Nazi deportations, but Andras was later marked as a son of a capitalist. He immigrated to the US in 1956, when the Soviets entered Budapest. He graduated from the City College of New York in 1960 with a Bachelor […]

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein, the American fashion king was born on 11/19/1942 in New York from a Hungarian father, Leo Klein. Calvin graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 1962 at the age of twenty. In 1968, longtime friends Calvin Klein and Barry Schwartz opened their first apparel company, designing and selling women´s coats – an […]

George (György) Soros

George (György) Soros was born on 8/12/1930 in Budapest. In 1947 he immigrated to the UK, where he got his degree from the London School of Economics in 1952. One of the wealthiest men in America and keen investor, Mr. Soros founded the multi-million dollar “Soros Fund,” and actively develops and supports philanthropic endeavors throughout the […]

Georg E. Pataki

Governor of New York, is a second-generation American. Governor Pataki was born from Hungarian parents on June 24, 1945, on his Peekskill, New York family farm, which he still runs with his family. He is a 1967 graduate of Yale University and a 1970 graduate of Columbia Law School. From 1985 he served 10 years […]

Ágoston Haraszthy

Born 8/30/1812, Futak, Hungary, died 7/6/1869. “Father of California Wine Culture!” – Ronald Reagan. Hungarian Nobleman.  After serving in the Hungarian Diet, took up the cause of the democratic revolutionary Louis Kossuth. Feeling the heat after the arrest of Kossuth, he traveled throughout Europe and came to America in 1840. He found his way to California […]

Tom Lantos

(2/1/1928, Budapest, Hungary – 2/11/2008) US Congressman Lantos was elected to his eleventh term in the U.S. House of Representatives from California in November 2000. He was first elected to Congress in November 1980 Lantos was 16 years old when Nazi Germany occupied his native country. As a teenager, he was a member of the […]

Ernő Rubik

Mathematician, born 7/13/1944 in Budapest. Invented Rubik’s cube in 1974 and many more logical, mind-teasing toys since. Turned his inventions into multi-million dollar enterprises. Though his name is now a household word, at the time, Erno Rubik was a lecturer in the Department of Interior Design at the Academy of Applied Arts and Crafts in […]

Estée Lauder

b. 1908, Corona, NY, d. 2004. Founder of the current world cosmetics leader, Estee Lauder Companies Inc., which employs some 10,000 people around the globe and today controls 45 per cent of the cosmetics market in US department stores and is sold in over 100 markets under well recognized brand names: Estee Lauder, Aramis, Clinique, […]

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