Foregoers - Sciences

Edward (Ede) Teller

(b. Jan 15, 1908, Budapest, d. Sept 9. 2003, Stanford, California) After having finished his primary and secondary education, in 1926, Teller left Budapest to study chemical engineering in Karlsruhe, Germany. Later he got intrigued by the new theory of quantum mechanics. To study with Werner Heisenberg, who was in the forefront of the new physics […]

Leo Szilárd

(b. Feb 11, 1898, Budapest, d. May 30, 1964, La Jolla, California) Szilárd received his primary, secondary and part of his university education in Budapest. Later he went on to finish his engineering degree in Berlin, where also studied physics under Einstein and Planck. He received his doctorate in physics with the highest mark from […]

John von Neumann

(b. Dec 28, 1903, Budapest – d. Feb 8, 1957, Washington, DC) Growing up as a child genius of mathematics, he finished his secondary education in Budapest. He simultaneously studied chemical engineering in Germany and mathematics at the Technical University of Budapest, and received a diploma and a doctorate in the two fields. Von Neumann […]

Tódor (Theodore) von Kármán

(b.1881 Budapest – d.1963 Aachen, Germany) Von Kármán received his primary and secondary education in Budapest and was regarded as a mathematical prodigy. Later, parental guidance steered him in the field of engineering. After receiving a diploma in mechanical engineering he went on to study aeronautical engineering and received a PhD from the University of […]

John Kemény

(b. 5/31/1926, Budapest – d. 12/26/1992, Hanover, New Hampshire) Kemény had an impressive education and intellectual development in Hungary, but in 1940, to escape the Nazi tide, his family emigrated to New York City. Kemeny entered high school knowing virtually no English. He graduated three years later, first in his class and accepted at Princeton […]

Charles Simonyi

(b. 9/10/1948, Budapest) Simonyi, born in Budapest, Hungary, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley and a doctorate in computer science from Stanford University. In 1970 he joined the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center and led a team of programmers in the development of Bravo, the […]

Tivadar Puskás

(b. 9/17/1844, Pest – d. 1893) After finishing his primary and secondary education in Budapest, Puskás continued his studies at the Technical University of Vienna. After being the head of an established travel agency, in 1874, Puskás traveled to the US to try his luck in the new world. Here he became a colleague of […]

Peter Carl Goldmark

(b. 12/2/1906, Budapest – d. Westchester County, NY, 12/7/1977) Dr. Goldmark, responsible for over 160 inventions in his storied career, studied at the University of Vienna (B.S., 1929, Ph.D., 1931) and from 1931–33 worked for a radio company in England. After emigrating to the United States in 1933, he worked as a construction engineer until […]

János (Hans) Selye

(b. 1/26/1907, Vienna, d. 10/16/1982, Montreal) Selye’s mother was Austrian but his father was a Hungarian doctor in the army. His father was moved to Komárom (now called Komarno after Czech and Slovak annexation) after World War I, so the young Selye attended elementary and secondary school there. As early as his second year of […]

János Bolyai

(b. 15 Dec 1802 Kolozsvár, Hungary/Transylvania  d. 27 Jan 1860, Hungary/Transylvania) Bolyai was educated by his father, famed mathematician Farkas (Wolfgang) Bolyai, in Marosvásárhely and by the time he was 13 had mastered calculus and other forms of analytical mechanics. Bolyai also was an accomplished violinist and was an accomplished linguist speaking nine foreign languages […]

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