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William Fox

(Vilmos Fried, 1879 – 1952) Producer, Founder of Fox Studios Fox Film Corporation was one of the most powerful and creative studios of the silent era. At the peak of his power, Fox owned over 500 movie houses in the US (he bought control of the giant Loew’s, Inc.) and the Gaumont Theatres chain in Great […]

George Cukor

(1899 -1983) Double Oscar Winning Director Best known in his earlier days as the man who brought many classic novels to the screen, George Cukor’s 50-plus year directing career later expanded to include thrillers, screwball romantic comedies, and even musicals. He received five Best Director nominations over the course of his career and Oscars for “Wizard […]

Andrew Vajna

(1944 – 2019) Producer, Hollywood Legend Fled Soviet troops and left Hungary in 1956. During a career that spanned the globe, he has been one of the most important producers in Hollywood for the past 20 years.Vajna is the president of Cinergi Productions, co-Founder of Carolco Pictures (Rambo, Total Recall, Terminator, Color of the Night, Judge […]

Joseph Pulitzer

(1847-1911) Publisher He was a veteran of the Civil War and a member of the 1st New York Cavalry Regiment which he joined almost immediately upon his arrival in the US. Then he went west and became a reporter. Pulitzer was the first to call for the training of journalists at the university level in a […]

Adolph Zukor

(1873 – 1976) “Mr. Motion Pictures” and Oscar Winner Producer and Founder of the Paramount Pictures Empire and Loew’s Theatres. Produced the first full-length motion picture, The Prisoner of Zenda. Received a special Academy Award in 1948 for his “contribution to the industry.” In 1903 teamed with Marcus Loew to open the first of a […]

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