Event: Szalonnasütés/Bonfire

  • Sep 26th

Szalonna sütés a De Anza Cove-nál Mission Bay-en.

Tamas es Kati, will be at our party. They will contribute to our potluck food table with authentic Hungarian ‘Lecso’. Now that is Hungarian style too.

As they have in the past, they will have their produce and products available. You can buy not only their tasty fresh tomatoes, paprika and other vegies, but you could buy organic, Hungarian family made kolbasz, csalamade, and other products. Maybe you’d like a farm raised chicken, rooster or duck. Want to make sure you get what you desire, give them a call, 661-434-3280 They are a nice Hungarian family bringing you the taste of Hungary. 

Thank you Tamas es Kati

House of Hungary (HOH), San Diego
Invites all members and friends to our fiery event.
Participation is free of charge.

Although all are welcome, may we encourage you to become a member of our house, the House of Hungary. Individual memberships are only $15. Members enjoy certain privileges and benefits, while increased membership numbers allows HOH more clout. Please support us. Help the HOH to keep this event, and others. Maintain our traditions. Build relationships. Strengthen our community. Create beautiful memories.

• Start gathering at 5:00 p.m. and set up.
• Lighting of the Bonfire at about 7:00 p. m..
• Bacon frying as the amber allows.
. Walk, talk, eat, drink, laugh and hug, make friends
• The Park has to be vacated by 2:00 a.m.
• Help clean up and pack equipment at the end.

The House of Hungary can provide a limited supply of bacon, onion, bread etc. and also some skews to borrow. Please bring your own supplies, and perhaps some extra goodies to share.
Bring your favorite dish to share on the Potluck dinner table and please do bring your own bacon, sausage, or other that you would like to fry.
Alcoholic beverages are not allowed. Glass containers are not allowed. (I don’t know about enforcement.) Use your own judgment.
In addition to food and drinks, don’t forget to bring, a flashlight, skews, chairs, maybe a blanket to relax on, change of clothing, plenty of liquids etc.

Please make sure that you clean up after yourself.

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED, ESPECIALLY for setup, takedown, and for delivery/transport between House of Hungary & DeAnza Cove. For further information or to volunteer, please contact the organizers.

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