• 2021/04/22 – Csilla
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Event: Janos Bozso graphic exhibition

  • Jan 13th

János Bozsó (1922 – 1998) graphic exhibition

János Bozsó, famous Hungarian painter and graphic was born in Kecskemét on 27th December, 1922. His childhood was formed by poverty that effected all his life. As an everlasting send off from the difficult years he took with him the love and respect of the nature and folk art. In the second half of the 1940s hidden in the outskirt of Kecskemét he started to deal with painting as a self educated artist. By the middle of the 50s he developed his artistic language; in his art he considered the emotional replenishment as one of the most decisive features. He never wanted to give up being picturesque. He was at home in and he was characterized by imbued colours, the use of wide, quick freely flying strokes of the brush, the contrast of the light and the shadow. He became an outstanding personality of Hungarian expressive painting.

The son of Bozsó, János Bozsó will open the exhibition, on 13th of January, 4 pm.


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