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Event: Food Fair

  • Dec 1st - Dec 2nd
Kedves Tagok, Magyarok!
Közeleg a decemberi ételvásár!
Idén december 1-én és 2-án( péntek és szombat) rendezi az HPR az International Christmas Festival-t a Balboa Parkban. A Magyar Ház a szokásos kolbászos szendvicset, palacsintát, lángost, gulyást, házi süteményeket és forralt bort kínálja majd.
A segíto? kezek nagyon jól jönnek idén is, hiszen ez a rendezvény a Magyar Ház legkomolyabb bevételi forrása.
Önkéntesek jelentkezését várjuk a következ? napokra:
Lángos: Nagy Lívia, livianagy@hotmail.com
Péntek du. 3-11-ig
Kolbász: Márton Péter, martons@sbcglobal.net
Péntek du. 3-11-ig és szombat délt?l este 11-ig
Palacsinta: Dobell Adrienn, info@sdmagyar.org
Péntek du. 3- este 11-ig és szombat délt?l este 11-ig
Takarítás: Jakab Rita, ritania.jakab@gmail.com
Vasárnap reggel 10-t?l
Kérünk Benneteket, hogy mihamarabb jelentkezzetek a megadott címeken, hogy az ételvásár mindkét nap, illetve a takarítás vasárnap gördülékenyen, hatékonyan menjen.
Sajnos parkoló jegyet még nem kaptunk. Jöv? héten kapunk nagyon limitált számban!
a Magyar Ház vezet?sége
Parkolás info az angol változat után!


Dear Members,
The International Christmas Fair in Balboa Park is fast approaching on FRIDAY and SATURDAY    Dec. 1 & 2.
We would like to ask for your help to come and be part of the fun! 🙂
This is the House of Hungary’s most important fundraiser. Profits from the event make it possible to have cultural programs throughout the year, free children’s and adult language schools.
Pls. email the following group leaders if you can help with:
Fried bread (Lángos)
Friday 3PM -11PM
Lívia Nagy, livianagy@hotmail.com
Sausage: Péter Márton  martons@sbcglobal.net
Friday (3 PM-11PM)  and Saturday (12PM-11PM)
Crepes: Adrienn Dobell, info@sdmagyar.org
Friday (3 PM-11PM)  and Saturday (12PM-11PM)
Cleaning up: Rita Jakab, ritania.jakab@gmail.com
Sunday starting at 10 AM
Thanks and hope to see you there!!
House of Hungary Board

Parking info:


With more than 350,000 people attending December Nights and extremely limited parking at Balboa Park, we encourage visitors to use the FREE off-site shuttles or take public transportation. Avoid the 163 southbound during the hours of 5-8pm, as this highway will be very congested. Use alternate routes to get to the Park and the shuttle stops.


The December Nights Shuttles run on Friday from 3:00-midnight and on Saturday from 11:30 until midnight in all locations. The last shuttles depart for the Park at 8:30pm so plan to arrive at shuttle location BEFORE 7pm!  The last shuttle from the park is at 11:45pm.

  1.  City College Lots between 16th and “B and C” Streets: Parking is free and there are more than 1,500 parking spaces.  Shuttle drops off at 6th & Laurel Streets. The Park is approximately 1/4 mile from City College, so walking is an option. To get to the City College lots use I-5 and exit at “B” Street.
  2. Downtown San Diego on Ash St between 5th and 6th Ave. Numerous parking lots in this area at $5, or free street parking after 6pm. Shuttle drops off at 6th and Laurel.
  3. ***NOTE*** There still will be NO Shuttle from Petco Park this year!


Balboa Park is accessible from most San Diego neighborhoods—as well as cities in East County, North County, and South Bay— by bus, trolley, or train.  By taking the bus or trolley you not only avoid traffic, but you help the environment, and it’s economical.  To create your personal trip plan, visit www.sdmts.com or call 511 to speak to one of the Transit Information Operators.

MTS Trolley & Bus

  • From the South or East, take the trolley to the City College Station in downtown San Diego and transfer to the MTS Route 7 (on 11th Avenue) to Park Boulevard.
  • Or from the South or East, take the Orange Line trolley to the 5th Ave Station in Downtown and walk 2 blocks north for the FREE shuttle.
  • From Hillcrest, Uptown, Mid-City, Normal Heights, City Heights, and North Park communities take any bus to University Avenue and Park Blvd and transfer to a special Route 7 shuttle heading to Park Blvd.
  • See all MTS Trolley and Bus schedules and route maps.


Ride your bike! Bicycle corrals can be found at Balboa Dr. & Laurel on the west side (at the entrance to the Cabrillo Bridge). On the east side they can be found at Park Boulevard and Presidents Way and at Village Place, near the Morton Bay Fig.

Walk to the Park!  City College, Smart Corner (11th Ave & C St.) and many of the $5.00 Ace Parking lots in Cortez Hill (north downtown SD) are less than a 20 minute walk to the park.

Passenger Loading Zones can be found on Park Blvd and Presidents Way, Park Blvd and Zoo Place – and on the west side of 6th and Laurel. Taxis, ride-sharing, or other vehicles can utilize these 3 minute loading areas for pick-up and drop-off.


Parking for the public Balboa Park during December Nights is extremely limited. There is some free parking, free ADA parking, and paid vehicle parking. All other areas require a permit.

  • Free Parking: The San Diego Zoo lot is the only free, non-permitted lot at the Park. It fills very quickly. Arrive early to park there.
  • Free disabled parking: The Fleet Science Center lot (156 spaces) is available for persons with a valid ADA placard or license plate. This lot is located on Park Blvd. and Space Theater Way. The Federal lot at Park Blvd and Presidents Way has 33 disabled spaces.
  • Paid Parking: Optional preferred parking for $25/vehicle at the Natural History Museum parking lot and the South Carousellot (both accessible from Park Blvd. and Village Place); and at the Inspiration Point parking lot for $20/vehicle (accessible from Park Blvd and Presidents Way).
    These are the closest lots to the park. Cash and/or credit cards are accepted.


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HOUSE OF HUNGARY is open Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Come visit, you will have the opportunity to meet your fellow Hungarians and guests from around the world.

Want to be a host or hostess to serve coffee and homemade pastries?

Please pick a Saturday or Sunday and email to host@sdmagyar.org. The Custodian will be there at 11:30 to help you.